GL-S20 Thread Border Router


Thread Border Router

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Compact Thread Border Router for IoT

GL-S20 is a compact and cost efficient Thread Border Router designed for fast and simple IoT deployment. It supports Thread 1.3 as well as 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (150Mbps) and ethernet for building a Thread Network and connecting to the Internet. The GL-S20 is equipped with the high-performance ESP32 chipset and is fully compatible with FreeRTOS. It supports Wi-Fi to Ethernet Failover, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, the GL-S20 features PoE functionality, making it a versatile solution for various IoT.

Built on Thread 1.3 & FreeRTOS
Wi-Fi speed up to 150Mbps (2.4GHz)
Supports Wi-Fi to Ethernet Failover
Features PoE functionality
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Flexible Thread roles within your network

GL-S20 can seamlessly operate as a Thread Border router or a Thread router. This functionality offers added flexibility to your IoT setup and adapts to your ever-evolving IoT needs, whether it's to extend the network reach or connect to external networks.

Ease of installation with support for PoE

By integrating Power over Ethernet (PoE), GL-S20 transmits power and data over a single ethernet cable. You’ll have power to more areas without having to install additional electrical infrastructure—saving on extra costs in the long run.

Your pathway to a scalable IoT network

Manage and control all your IoT devices effortlessly with GL-S20, the ultimate solution for building a robust, scalable network for all your IoT devices. GL-S20 when used as a Thread Border router bridges your LAN network and other GL-S20s functioning as Thread routers seamlessly. GL-S20’s self-healing capability ensures a resilient network infrastructure, even in the face of network disruptions. In case one of the Thread routers fails unexpectedly, the network reconfigures automatically using a neighboring Thread router, ensuring your connection remains rock-solid at all times.

Tailor Brand Identity into GL-S20

Are you looking to expand your product range and strengthen your brand presence? With our white-labeling services for GL-S20, you can personalize the product by incorporating your brand logo and design. Tailor certain features like Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality and Ethernet ports to meet your specific requirements.

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Built on FreeRTOS

GL-S20 runs on the reputable kernel FreeRTOS, the de facto standard for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. FreeRTOS is well-supported by a broad community, offering exceptional customization capabilities with add-on libraries that are ever-growing.

ESP32 Series chipsets

GL-S20 is powered by ESP32-S3 and ESP32-H2 chipset. While ESP32-H2 acts as the radio co-processor, ESP32-S3 serves as the main chip, designed provide enhanced capacity for expanding your IoT network. It also boasts ultra-low power consumption and steadfast performance in industrial environments.

Flexible Installation

Included in the GL-S20 package is a wall mount kit, making it effortless to mount on the wall. The GL-S20, with its lightweight and compact design in a sleek white color, can seamlessly fit into any space. This feature not only frees up surface area but also ensures exceptional coverage and uninterrupted connectivity for your IoT devices.

Wi-Fi to Ethernet Failover
Wi-Fi to
Ethernet Failover


Interface1 x WAN Ethernet port
1 x Reset button
1 x IoT button
CPUESP32-S3 Dual-core, @240MHz
Memory / StorageSRAM 512KB + PSRAM 8MB / NOR Flash 16MB
ProtocolSupports Thread 1.3
Supports BLE 5.0
Supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Wi-Fi Speed150Mbps (2.4GHz)
Ethernet Speed10/100Mbps
LEDsPower / IoT / Network
Power InputType-C, 5V/1A
Power ConsumptionNormal operating consumption: <3W
PoE power supply: <7W
Operating Temperature0~40C (32 ~ 122°F)
Storage Temperature-20~70°C (-4~158°F)
Dimension76 x 76 x 25mm / 63g
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