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Elevate Your RV Experience with Dual SIM Wi-Fi 6 5G Router

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Unmatched Connectivity on Your RV Adventures with Our Multi-WAN Router

Our Multi-WAN router supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular network, Tethering, allowing you to tap into multiple sources of internet connectivity.
You can effortlessly combine and optimize these connections for blazing-fast speeds and unparalleled reliability.

Engineered for Unbeatable Network Reliability

SIM 1 <-> SIM 2

Switching between SIM cards based on ISP's signal strength and availability.

WiFi as WAN (Repeater)

Connect to campground Wi-Fi and share Internet access with your all devices.

SIM 1 <-> Ethernet

Optimize data usage by reserving cellular connection as a backup.

Experience RV Connectivity at its Best with GL.iNet

GL.iNet develops WiFi 6 AX3000 VPN routers with Dual-SIM 5G connectivity that takes RV connectivity to new heights. Its exceptional features include:

5G NR Connectivity

With built-in 5G NR support, the Spitz AX ensure connectivity even in areas with limited or no access to Ethernet/Wi-Fi. Simply insert a SIM card, and you'll have high-speed internet access wherever there's cellular coverage. Dual SIM Failover allows you to switch between ISPs for better signals and stay connected all the time.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

The Spitz AX support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, providing lightning-fast AX3000 Wi-Fi speeds and increased capacity for multiple devices. Say goodbye to buffering and slow connections, and enjoy smooth streaming, online gaming, and web browsing on the road.

Global Connectivity

Equipped with the RM520-GL 5G module, Spitz AX supports most major ISPs worldwide, providing you with high-speed internet access wherever there's cellular coverage.

VPN Compatibility

Protect your privacy and secure your data with VPN compatibility. Connect to your preferred VPN provider and enjoy encrypted internet traffic, ensuring your sensitive information remains private and secure, whether you're accessing public Wi-Fi or connecting to your home network remotely.

Carrier Certified

Spitz AX is certified by T-Mobile and AT&T, and is therefore compatible with these network providers. Spitz AX’s IoT application is supported and interoperable with these network infrastructures, ensuring seamless connectivity and reducing the risk of connectivity issues.

Optimized Data Usage

Our Multi-WAN feature allow you to connect multiple internet sources at the same time and set priorities for different connections (Load balance). You can reserve cellular data as a backup or for specific purposes.

Securing Your Router on the Move

Spitz AX wall mount can help with securing Spitz AX’s place firmly on the wall or window even when it is traversing rocky terrain constantly. The wall mount can be affixed to the the interior walls of the recreational vehicle(RV) through screws or attached to the interior of the RV windows with reusable adhesive, providing the convenience of easy removal and relocation of Spitz AX.

Additionally, by mounting the Spitz AX to the walls, the risk of disconnection from the power cable during sudden turns and bumps is therefore minimalized.

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Enhance Your RV Connectivity with Interchangeable Antennas

Spitz AX offer six interchangeable antennas, allowing users to easily customize their RV connectivity. By simply replacing the standard antennas with the dome antenna, users can optimize their signal reception, extend their Wi-Fi coverage, and enjoy a superior connection inside their RV.

Compatible with the Best RV Antennas in the Industry

GL.iNet partnered with the industry's top RV antenna manufacturers to ensure seamless communication no matter where your journey takes you. Stay connected, stream, browse, and share memories on the road without interruption.

Centralized Management with GoodCloud

Deploy and manage all the connected devices remotely. Grouping network devices to a centralized cloud platform enables batch management, simply clone the same network configuration to all devices for mass deployment and software upgrades.

What's GoodCloud?

Your Customizable IoT Solutions for RV Connectivity

With the option to add an IoT module, these solutions enable seamless integration with a diverse range of IoT devices in your RV via Thread, BLE or ZigBee. The Spitz AX are your gateway to creating a fully connected IoT ecosystem in your fleet of RVs, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality to meet your demands.




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