Gateway-to-Cloud IoT Solution for SMEs

Manage All Fleets in One-Single Platform Remotely

GL.iNet provides a wide selection of open source IoT gateways and a customizable cloud-based IoT management platform to cater every IoT projects’ needs. Business users can connect and deploy their IoT fleets from anywhere in the world.


Connecting IoT Devices from Field to Cloud

Business users can connect and deploy their IoT fleets from anywhere in the world. Our Gateway-to-Cloud IoT solution help our business clients reduce complexity of their IoT operation as well as the cost of ownership of an IoT management ecosystem

A Full Range of IoT Gateways

GL.iNet offers affordable and flexible IoT gateways for different operational environments. Our IoT routers/gateways are designed in compact size with lower power consumption and pre-installed with OpenWrt for maximized customizability....

Our industrial routers are built for extreme temperatures and environments and we provide 4G LTE failover to quickly switch to an alternative network connection when the primary internet is unstable, lost or disrupted. We also offer carrier-certified IoT gateway (GL-X750V2C4) and modular options (Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS) for easy IoT deployment. All of our IoT routers/gateways adopt multi-layer security to offer better network protection.

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Remote IoT Gateway Management

GL.iNet developed the GoodCloud platform to provide reliable and secure connectivity from IoT gateway to cloud. GoodCloud allows business to deploy IoT devices at scale in a simple way and empower user with advance remote accessing option as well as enterprise-class security protocol to protect your network....

It features a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard for real-time network health check and automated notification for troubleshooting. Users can group devices for streamlined management, create templates to automate repetitive tasks and build a secure internal network easily with our Site-to-Site feature in GoodCloud.

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Our Gateway-to-Cloud IoT Solution is Designed to Solve Real Problems

Protecting Internet Traffic and Client Data

Simple but highly effective security system using hardware supporting 40+ VPN. Automatically encrypting all internet traffic in the network, including devices that are not capable of installing independent VPN software. A centralized hardware VPN system supports complete oversight on network security, avoiding vulnerable devices from inducing unintended threats to the network.

Be Prepared for the Rapid IoT Expansion

Expand network infrastructures while minimizing physical interference by automating network maintenance. Grouping network devices to a centralized cloud platform enables batch management, simply clone the same network configuration to all devices for mass deployment and software upgrades. Having a cloud monitoring and management solution reduces the risk of human error, and the need of frequent inspection during rapid network expansions.

Support Multiple IoT Protocols & Standards

Ensure uninterruptible data transfer by supporting multiple network protocols for most IoT devices and backup power supply. Our hardware is optimized to meet specific environmental needs, while compatible with MQTT, Zigbee, BLE, and wireless M-bus.

Cost-effective IoT Gateway Management Tool

Each of GL.iNet's IoT network devices are designed to tackle specific problems. Having customizable modules optimized at its designated environments, our devices support high performance IoT networks while keeping the cost low. GL.iNet offers the best gateway-to-cloud solution for SMEs with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

User-friendly Dashboard for Easy Deployment

All of GL.iNet's network devices run on OpenWrt operating system, a user-friendly admin panel and an advanced cloud device management platform. Having a strong technical support team ensures even the most complex IoT projects requires minimal technical skills for maintenance. Both our hardware and software are designed to be easy to navigate, being highly customizable, keeping important statistics easily accessible and introducing a relevant experience to users.

Seamless Communication Across Offices

Seamless communication between remote offices. Accessing, managing and batch configuring network hardware using GoodCloud, and connected devices using web-based terminal. Implementing a centralized security system and SDWAN for file sharing between branch offices or accessing local resources from remote locations.

GoodCloud for IoT

Manage your IoT devices easily, securely, and remotely

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Implement IoT in Business Environment

GoodCloud allows enterprises to control and monitor the state of the connected IoT gateways remotely while ensuring the security of your devices. With our API, you can integrate your IoT platform into GoodCloud seamlessly which gives you full control of your solution.

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