Leadership module descriptions

  1. Coaching & Counseling

    In this module, you will state the three phases of coaching and counseling, conduct a coaching and counseling session demonstrating all of the newly acquired skills, recognize the impact and importance of conducting an effective coaching and counseling session, redirect employee performance through effective leadership techniques and list factors essential to documentation.

  2. Mentoring

    In this module, you will discuss the significant impact mentoring has on sustaining a customer-focused environment, demonstrate effective techniques to reward and redirect performance, reinforce existing recognition and reward programs and the impact of informal recognition, define and effectively apply the three types of mentoring, practice effective listening skills, demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal behaviors and discuss the necessity and benefits of analyzing your operation and providing required training.

  3. Empowerment

    In this module, you will define empowerment and discuss how it can affect work performance and overall organization effectiveness, develop five key steps necessary to create an empowered workforce, develop a plan to improve your empowerment leadership skills, discuss why people resist change and the impact it has on overall organization effectiveness, identify organizational barriers within your work area of responsibility and provide possible solutions and identify three strategies for facilitating change to transform your organization into a customer-focused culture.

  4. Team Building

    In this module, you will identify the participants in this session, recognize the uniqueness of each participant in this session, identify and recognize different motivational influences of each participant in this session, identify the communication structure within the assigned group, recognize creative approaches to solving new challenges and identify ways to be flexible for group consensus.

  5. Presentation Skills

    In this module, you will recognize and realize the value of the four elements to an effective training presentation, redirect personal anxieties to create dynamic presentations, recognize the importance of proper planning and develop skills to analyze & establish rapport with your audience, demonstrate platform skills that command attention, identify and demonstrate the importance of effective questioning techniques to stimulate group involvement and conduct a presentation to demonstrate newly-acquired skills.