Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Training provides the fundamental knowledge and awareness necessary to create an appropriate business environment. Our approach incorporates AMR's experience in creating a learning environment that is conducive to the ultimate acceptance and proper use of complex policies and procedures.

Facilitator Training

This workshop focuses on building the confidence and professionalism of each participant. Classroom activities are interactive and include presentation and platform skills to ensure all participants have the same degree of understanding. Participants learn the finesse and expertise necessary to create a stimulating environment and increase participation. Specific questioning techniques are learned and group management skills are honed in this session.

Instructor Training

Instructor Training provides trainers with invaluable skills to successfully deliver a training presentation that will hold students' interest and produce results. This course is designed to produce outstanding, confident and professional trainers. The specific blueprint for a successful presentation is established along with the participants' ability to maximize their effectiveness. Participants are introduced to basic adult learning concepts, teaching tips and techniques, and methods to increase retention while having fun in the classroom.

Presentation Skills

This workshop covers specific steps to overcome anxiety while speaking to groups. Interactive classroom activities include presentation, platform skills and creative pointers that keep your audience interested and involved. This course teaches the expertise necessary to create materials, visual aids, and the environment that commands attention.

Change Management: Module Descriptions and Objectives

This workshop covers four modules designed to help participants overcome their natural resistance toward change. In the Power of Paradigms module, participants will learn the formula for change and what it means to look at change differently in our everyday lives. In the module titled Why People Resist Change, participants will be challenged to analyze the reasons people resist and the methods used to overcome that resistance. The Communicating Change module provides time for introspection in how to achieve participants' change challenge goals. Ideas are shared for real-world practices that leaders use to assist others in the change process. The final module titled How to be Flexible in an Inflexible World is a highly experiential session where participants will share best practices for staying flexible while maintaining their sanity!

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this course participants will be provided with a working knowledge of the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Participants will be provided with an environment to practice and acquire the skills necessary for implementing an ADR process which is a more productive means of solving conflicts. Participants will acquire the knowledge of how to separate the problem/issue from the people, the skill of focusing on interests instead of positions while resolving conflicts, and how to preserve the relationship between the parties by generating creative options to conflict. Participants will also enjoy the benefit of and discover Accelerative Learning Techniques combined with role plays and active feedback from facilitators. This course is offered through the iNorth Employee Relations department.

Arbitration Skills

In this course participants will be able to share the basics of how to present an arbitration case. They will learn how to maintain productive relationships between parties throughout the process, discover the ability to prepare and present an effective argument in arbitration or similar setting, learn Accelerative Learning formats encompassing in-depth analysis of case and witness preparation, opening and closing arguments, cross-examination techniques, formulating and making objections, introducing evidence, and posting hearing briefs. The format of this course is a Mock Hearing with a facilitator as the arbitrator. This course is offered through the iNorth Employee Relations department.

Arbitrators and the Seven Tests

In this course participants will learn to explore the standards used by arbitrators to determine Just Cause in discipline/discharge cases as well as how to make participants aware of what most arbitrators look for as the requirements of meeting a burden of proof. This course will prove helpful in preparing and presenting arbitration cases while the case is still in the investigation stage. The Accelerative Learning format will provide details of what the Seven Tests are and elaborate on how they are used to assist in proving an arbitration case. There will also be discussion of the pros and cons of determining Just Cause. This course is offered through the iNorth Employee Relations department.

Conducting Investigations

In this course participants will acquire the skills to conduct effective investigations. They will learn how to achieve improved results in the outcome of those investigations, as well as the ability to ensure that the actions taken as a result of those investigations can be upheld if grieved to arbitration. The formats which are utilized in this course are a combination of Accelerative Learning and role play. Participants will also discover how to work through an investigation flowchart, how to handle resultant grievances and conclude with an overview of the impact on the arbitration process. This course is offered through the iNorth Employee Relations department.

Why Should Customers Choose iNorth Arbitration Products?

iNorth Employee Relations has extensive arbitration experience, a broad background in teaching and participation in the ADR process as well as comprehensive proficiency in counseling, advising and training management on conducting investigations.