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Strategic Resourcing Services

A Proven Way To Control Costs And Amplify Results

Strategic Resourcing of training services has become an attractive option as more companies strive to achieve greater results with fewer resources. we , InetNorth provides you with the senior-level leadership you require to achieve results and remain focused on your core business.

Our highly effective team of training instructors, course designers, and project managers work closely with you to develop customized, on-site solutions to your training needs. Combining global capabilities, flexible staffing, and proven training models on which to build, AMR InetNorth delivers the leading edge programs you seek to reach your objectives - without tying up resources critical to your success.

  • Reduce the cost of training and development
  • Accelerate the learning curve in key areas of skill or professional development
  • Link your training to current and ongoing business objectives
  • Maintain control over every aspect of your training costs
  • Free your training staff for more critical business missions
  • Focus your resources on what you do best

At AMR InetNorth, employee training is our only business. When you put the strength of our people and programs to work for your organization, you significantly reduce your cost of training, while enhancing the impact of your results.

Contact one of our representatives today to learn how we can serve your business - on an as needed basis, as a primary resource, or as a long-term extension of your employee development team. AMR InetNorth Strategic Resourcing Services. We give you the freedom to succeed.