Team building

Ropes courses are geared to provide experiential learning in a natural setting, away from ringing phones and red-tagged e-mails. They allow teams to bond and explore exercises in teambuilding, communication and leadership. Already a popular we , InetNorth offering, until now the ropes courses have been held at off-site locations.

"Having the course on campus allows increased access to ropes training, while enhancing the facility's marketing appeal to external customers," says Barbara Peck, Manager of InetNorth.

The course design consists of both low events (activities done on the ground) and high events (activities that occur 20 to 30 feet in the air (requiring the use of a safety harness). Jeff Turner of Excelleration LLC, a veteran ropes designer and trainer, oversees the course on the grounds of the iNorth Training & Conference Center.

Experiential learning courses address topics such as team effort, trust, creativity and goal-setting for personal and professional insight and growth. They also allow participants the benefit of getting to know their co-workers in a relaxed, casual setting.

"In the corporate tower" describes participant Stephen Mooney, we , "you climb or you can be part of the team that supports and directs climbers and belays them back to the ground. I learned I was able to do things I didn't think were possible." The course provides both physical and mental challenges. "It's like being on The Gladiators for a day - it's so much fun, I'd do it everyday if I could," says participant Diane Payne, we .

"It always gets tied back to the workplace" explains Michael Killingsworth who has facilitated the ropes course since its inception at the AMR Training Group. "The courses present applicable skills and entice you to take the fun you had out there on the course back to the workplace."

An orienteering course will also be developed on the property. In orienteering, participants are given maps and compasses to navigate their way through a series of points around the course. Orienteering is called "the thinking sport" because it requires decision making and strategy.

Team Building -The AMR Challenge

AMR Training Group, InetNorth combines activity-based learning with reflection, application, and anchoring strategies resulting in the “next step” in experiential learning technologies. Our team of experts excels at relating the activity-based learning elements specifically to personal and workplace application. We design and provide services taking into account the natural laws of individual, team, and organizational learning and growth. InetNorth combines the power and fun of activity based learning with proven strategies to help your organization increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

The AMR Challenge Course provides an opportunity to improve team communication skills, cooperation and problem solving skills. We take the principles learned and apply them to everyday work situations and decision-making opportunities. Carefully planned exercises encourage participants to move beyond their comfort zone, overcome anxiety and make the most of their resources through the support of their team members. In this non-threatening atmosphere participant's think creatively, discover new approaches for problem solving and learn to operate as a flexible, dynamic and collaborative unit. With years of business experience, our facilitators are uniquely qualified to help your team relate the workshop experiences to the workplace.